Some Expedited Thanksgiving Delivery Still Available For A Short Time. Now Taking Dining Table Orders For Guaranteed Pre-Christmas Dinner Delivery

Welcome to PerryLoop

We are grateful that you stopped by.

We are veteran owned and operated and if you're a veteran, let us know, we have a discount for you.

If you're in the market for some pressboard department store furniture, you won't find it here...

If you believe quality matters...if you think furniture should last a lifetime... if you don't like settling for whatever you can find, but instead, would love your furniture to be perfect for your taste and your space... then you're in the right place.

You can order it as you see it in the pictures or we will customize your furniture for you down to the finest detail.

Maybe you know exactly what you want but if not, we will help you every step of the way from what design works best for your space to color samples sent to you on the exact material we are building yours out of.

We've built many pieces using just a picture and some dimensions. No matter what, we know how to make the process simple for you.

We started building furniture to furnish our own homes. Thinking that we would bring in a little extra income, we started marketing our furniture locally and building for friends and family. 

Turns out there is a high demand in today's throw away society for something that is built to last. 4 short years later, we are delivering furniture all over the country!

Don't worry about shipping companies, we are going to hand deliver it to you... Yes hand deliver it, no matter where you live. And no, it's not expensive. We deliver coast to coast for only $199!  

That means no frustrating assembly and no worrying about what shape it will be in when you receive it.

We are proud to say that we have delivered our furniture to every state in the lower 48... except for Rhode Island... C'mon Rhode Island!! :) 

We've met and made friends with some of the most phenomenal people. We serve a special breed and we are blessed to do so.

We appreciate you stopping by and we look forward to bringing your ideas to life!

Be blessed! 

$199 Nationwide Hand Delivery

We bring your furniture to you and we set it up in your home because we care. No freight company is dropping off your furniture. And you're not going to have to try to figure out ridiculously complicated assembly instructions...

This is real wood furniture, built specifically for you. No pressboard, cardboard or any of that garbage, so we simply can't send it with the mailman...

We build it and bring it to you. A little personal touch to be sure that your furniture gets to you perfect, every time. We deliver to ANYWHERE in the lower 48 states for only $199.

No matter where you live, odds are, we are coming to a neighborhood near you. We look forward to meeting you on delivery!