Thanks for taking the time to check out our work! We would be honored to build your next piece of furniture for you. The process is simple, take a look around our site, find something that you love and let us know. We love custom work and can customize anything that you can find to specifically match your taste. Any size. Any shape. Any color. We've built several items off of a drawing or a dream and some measurements. We build quality furniture that we intend to last you a lifetime. Don't waste your money buying particle board and sticker wood grain. We hand deliver our furniture nation wide for only $99. That means your furniture arrives perfect every time and no assembly for you! Also take advantage of the option to pay 50% now and the other half on delivery. Contact us for more info on the 50/50. We look forward to working with you and meeting you on delivery!

Welcome to PerryLoop

We are your typical American families. We love God and we love our country. We believe that we are blessed to be here, even if things aren't perfect. We believe that one of the greatest freedoms that we have is the freedom to own our own business and to make a living doing something that we enjoy.

We started building some furniture to furnish our own homes. Thinking that we would bring in a little extra income, we started marketing our furniture locally and building for friends and family. Turns out there is a high demand in today's throw away society for something that is built to last. Things took off and today, we get to support our families with our work and we'd love to share that with you. 

 We are proud to say that we have hand delivered our furniture all over the country.  We enjoy a good road trip and getting to meet our customers. It doesn't matter where you live, we are scheduled to head that way and we hand deliver your furniture which means that it gets there in perfect condition every time and YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASSEMBLE A SINGLE THING!  

 We hope to build every piece of furniture in your home, so that you can have exactly what you want. We appreciate you stopping by and we look forward to bringing your ideas to life!

Be blessed! 

Nation-wide Hand Delivery

We bring your furniture to you and we set it up in your home because we care. No freight company is dropping your dining set. No assembling your furniture...We build it and bring it to you. A little personal touch to be sure that your furniture gets to you perfect, every time. We now offer FREE SHIPPING, no matter how far away you are.