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Happy New Years To You And Happy Anniversary To My Wife

Cory Suggs

Well, New Years Eve... I love this day. For multiple reasons. The feeling of another year coming to a close. A fresh start. New opportunity. Pending Improvements... 

But most importantly to me... My Anniversary,.. 11 years for us. Thanks to time hop, I'm reminded of something I wrote to her on Facebook last year. I wanted to proclaim my love to her on whatever platform that I had. 

Well, now my platform is several thousand more people. So...I can't help myself. From the rooftops so to speak...

"As of right now, Christa and I have been married for 10 years. 10 years ago, on this day, we made a commitment to each other, to the world and most importantly to the Lord. We committed to love one another and to stay together until our lives end. When things are beautiful and when things are ugly.

When things are beautiful, it can’t seem easier. When things are ugly, we are held by that promise still.

Our promise also extends to our kids. The day that the 1st came along, the promise extended to them. We are now bound not only because of our promise but also because these kids absolutely HAVE TO SEE what commitment looks like. They need a 1st hand example of what a kept promise looks like. They need to see that forever means forever. They won’t find it anywhere else and if they do, it won’t mean as much. They need to see it here. And honoring that promise has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

One primary element has been the glue for binding this promise and that is Jesus. Thankfully, He has bound us and filled us with a love that I had never known before. The kind of love that has been overwhelming. It’s like I’m drunk by it. There is nothing that can sober me up either. I walk around with blinders on. There’s no flaw, no fault, no mistake, no tragedy, nothing that could make me love her less. No amount of pain, no trial and no circumstance that could alter the flow of love that swells my heart and soul for her. Death can’t stop it. No amount of hell on earth can turn my heart. This love, this promise, is forever. Jesus gave her to me, gave me the love I feel and He keeps the fire hot. He’s made us one.

I have to admit, I’ve never loved anyone or anything more. I mean that literally.

To tell you it’s always been easy would be ridiculous. I mean come on, how could it be. We are polar opposites. We had to grow together and continue to do so. But if I’ve ever had anything worth fighting for, this is it. Thankfully, she’s felt the same. Her actions and forgiveness has proven it ten-fold. And as we’ve grown up together, we’ve both confirmed our willingness to stick it out, work on ourselves for each other, our willingness to forgive and forget as well as our daily re-commitment to the love that we know that at times comes at a cost. Trust me, not cost is too high, the value is priceless.

I’m committed to destroy my pride, my ego and whatever else may ever attempt to stand between us. I’m committed to forgive the unforgivable. If she breaks my heart, we will mend it together. And I feel that she’s proven that she feels the same.

We’ve held each other nearly ⅓ of our lives. 10 years, 1 decade….It isn’t a lot but if you look around at today's marriage track record, it seems like it is. But on the grander scheme of things, it’s like a light snow and this 10 years is merely a dusting. But it is the base layer that will allow for accumulation over time.

I love this woman more than words or actions will ever express. When it’s time for me to leave this earth, and she’s standing by my side as I’m hanging on by a thread, know that she’s that thread. Don’t be surprised when my heart won’t stop beating, for her. I love her that much."

Here's a sign in honor of all of those "Mr and Mrs" out there. 

Check it out. 

I hope that you all have an awesome and safe New Years and I hope that your excited for what 2018 holds in store for you!!

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