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How To Change The World

Cory Suggs

Something that I posted to Facebook a couple of months back... Thought it would be worth putting it on here... Maybe the right person will stumble on it at the right time... I think that's how things are supposed to work, right?


I know, this has nothing at all to do with furniture but I have something VERY IMPORTANT to share with you.

This morning, I watched the news for the first time in about a year. Man they focus on the crap don’t they?!

All of the gloom and doom prompted me to reflect on something that has truly and totally revolutionized my life.

Listen, the world has some problems but can I tell you that it isn’t as bad as they make it seem!

I’ve been all over this country and I have met some awesome people. This is a beautiful place to live and it is full of beautiful people. Generous, loving, caring and inspiring people.

I’ve had people put me up in their house, feed me meals, buy me gifts, gifts for our children and the children of the folks that help make PerryLoop go around.

And that is after investing thousands with us for furniture.

There are some AWESOME people out there so don’t be fooled.

But that’s not what I was writing about… I want to share something that has impacted my life more than anything aside from falling in love with my Creator.

One small shift that has meant more to me and my family than anything else and I want to challenge you to do something similar yourself…

It’s simple and I hope that even if it doesn't make sense to you right now, you’ll accept my challenge.

Nearly every morning, I invest my time in much the same way. Now I will spare you the details cause many of you simply don’t care anything at all about my morning routine. But I think that I have something that after practicing it for a while, could change your life, like it did mine.

I believe that what we choose to focus on is how we view this world so one of the few things that I do every morning is that I try to listen to something inspirational to kind of set me off on the right foot.

But that isn’t what I wanted to share with you…

While doing this a few days ago I heard a speech by Art Williams that listed 5 steps that he guarantees will make you successful in business…

Step #1 was to give your wife/husband a big juicy kiss as soon as you wake up in the morning and tell him/her that you love em.

It made me realize something…

One of the things that most changed my life a few years ago was starting my day thanking God for my wife and letting Him know how grateful I am for her and by making it a priority to let her know how much I love her simply by hugging and kissing her and making her a priority in my life…

I know it sounds crazy but a few years later, I’m more in love that I’ve ever been. The world could come crashing down around us and it wouldn’t matter because we are one.

Not only that, but it is a great example to my 3 kids of how a man should love a woman…

Do we argue and stuff? YES

Does that stop me from wrapping my arms around her multiple times a day and reminding us both how much I love her? NO

Yes, I said “reminding us both.” It isn’t just good for her to hear, it’s great for me to hear as well. To hear my voice tell her that I love her just simply does something on the inside of me.

With all of the crazy junk going on in this world, we need a constant… She is that for me. She’s my priority. When I’m weak and when I’m strong.

Today, I want to challenge you, if you want to change your life, your kid's life, love your spouse. Remind him/her every day at least 2 times/day for the next 7 days of how much you love em. Show him/her your affection. Especially when it is hard to. See what that does for you.

I believe that if you do that, you will not only change your life and your spouses life but by setting that example, you’ll change the world.

We take for granted the impact that we can have. I know deep down, you feel like you’re supposed to change the world. Start at home.

And while you’re at it, be your kid’s biggest fan. They need that. Whether you realize it or not, they will carry everything that you say to them around for the rest of their life. Shower them with praise and remind them every day of how stinking awesome that they are. Because they are.

Here’s to changing the world!

Grateful for you.


PS: If you would like to see the video that touches on this it can be found on youTube, Art Williams The Power Of Believing In You. If you have trouble finding it, let me know and I’ll send you a link.

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