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Wood Facts & Upgrades

Did you know that all woods are not created equal?

Here you will find pictures and descriptions of some of our favorites to use on table tops. 

Our standard table and bench tops are made from Rustic Pine. 

Rustic Pine

Well, you spoke and we listened. Rustic Pine it is.

If you like the look of individual planks and you don't mind food falling in the cracks of your table top, Rustic Pine is for you!

Honestly though, I love it everywhere else around the house (aside from the dining table) because it takes stain and finishes wonderfully. Pine is a softwood, making it impressionable and subject to denting and damage during everyday life. 

Red Oak

Red Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods in the furniture making world. In our opinion, a solid Oak table top is the most quality that you can get for the money. Super affordable and as durable as any hardwood out there, not to mention, it finishes out amazingly beautiful! The grain pattern on Oak is very pronounced. The upgrade price for Red Oak is only $600.


Hard and heavy and a very dense hardwood. Ash is much more durable than Alder. It has a better ability to withstand impact from kiddos without denting or being scratched. Ash is often used to make  major league baseball bats. Ash stains a shade lighter but beautifully just the same. Average upgrade price for Ash is only $700. 


Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. This naturally beautiful wood is an excellent choice to just clear coat. That being said, it does stain very well and has gorgeous highs and lows making for a beautiful piece of furniture!  

The upgrade price for Hickory is $800.


Hard Maple

Hard Maple is very hard and resistant to impact and shocks. So hard, in fact, that you will see Hard Maple as the floor of a bowling alley. Hard Maple stains lighter because of the tight pores. Darker stains are often hard to achieve. Hard maple is a great choice if you favor a light colored, super durable table!

The upgrade price for Hard Maple is $1,000.



A "Furniture Grade Pine" top included in the base price of a table.

If you have any questions on hardwoods, feel free to send us a message!