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Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board


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Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board
Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board
Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board
Checkerboard End Grain Cutting Board

How about this beautiful Hand Made End Grain Cutting Board made from locally sourced Walnut and Pecan.

This board is unique and one of a kind. Each cutting board has it's own character and no two will ever look exactly identical. 

Why end grain?

Simply put, they last a long time and look great doing so. 

We've all bought the long grain boards that scar up almost instantly, filling up with unsightly knife marks. 

Not to mention, those boards dull up our knives quickly and no one likes slowing down to resharpen their kitchen knives. 

End grain cutting boards are gentler on your knives, they remain in fantastic condition and are treasured heirlooms from one generation to the next.  All this is because the grain of the wood is faced up so that your knives cut on top of the grain instead of chopping along with the grain. This pattern is a lot of work to create but produces a truly one of a kind cutting board that is great to use and look at.

This cutting board measures 15.5 inches long 12.25 inches wide and is 1.5 inches thick. 

The board has finger holds in the sides to make moving easier. It is reversible so you can cut on one side and keep the other pristine looking for presentation on your countertop.

This cutting board is finished with several coats of hand rubbed mineral oil and then topped with mineral oil and beeswax mixture for a completely food safe finish.

This cutting board is ready to go and will ship within 24-48 hours of your order. 

If you would like to personalize it, let us know here and we can have your message Laser etched into the cutting board! 

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