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Design Your Own Liberty Table


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Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table
Design Your Own Liberty Table

Ah The Liberty...

Hands down the most popular table we build right now. The trestle style base seems to fit in with any style dining room and we have placed it in many of them. 

The original Liberty was built for a couple in Oklahoma around Christmas in 2015 and has been a favorite, especially on the East Coast since!

Want to customize your table to suit your home, family, and taste?  

Let's customize yours to specifically fit your home... Why settle for "this one will work" when you can have yours just like you want it?

When designing your own, here's the best way to go about the process...

First, decide what size will best fit your space.

A great rule of thumb is to leave between 36" - 48" between the edge of the table to the wall or walk way or whatever obstruction that there may be.

Most chairs are about 15" - 18" deep so you can even get away with a bit less than the 36" - 48" if needed... (Rules are made to be broken) :) 

For best comfort, a 6' is best for 2 chairs down each side, a 7' is best with 3 and an 8' comfortably houses 4 and so on...

With the Liberty, you can actually squeeze in an extra chair per side because of the fact that the frame isn't boxed in, like on a standard table.

Speaking of frame, you can push the frame out to the ends of the table top to better showcase the trestle base, or if you prefer to have chairs on the end, we can inset the base about 13" on each end to leave some leg room. 

It's totally up to you. Make it how you want it!

The standard width of our Liberty table is 36" but you can have yours any width that you want. We charge $100/6" wider to help cover the cost of material and the time it takes to process the hardwood. 

Another common add on is Breadboards. Those are the boards on the end that gives the appearance of kind of boxing in the table top. They don't add any length, they are 100% aesthetic. Breadboards are an additional $100. 

To add either of these or customize yours in another way, just let us know here and we will design yours together!

Next, decide what Hardwood you want yours built out of. 

Our standard hardwood is knotty Alder. Alder is an inexpensive, furniture grade material. It colors dark with very little grain showing.

Despite the lack of grain, it is still a beautiful finish! And there are knots that add some awesome character to the table top. 

Our most popular hardwood choices are Ash or Oak...

Although they are different, the grain patterns look very similar once you have colored them and they both color beautifully...

If you don't have a clear favorite between Ash and Oak, we suggest that you choose based off of whether you want a light or a dark finish. 

Ash has a tendency to color a bit lighter than Oak does, making Ash a better choice for a light finish and Oak a bit better if you prefer a dark finish.

Many companies will use pine for their table tops... and although we used to, we won't any longer.

We want to build furniture that will last a lifetime but Pine just isn't the material for that when it comes to a dining table top.

The options that you see here are our most common hardwood options, but not the only options. We can do any material type that we need to.

To learn more about our hardwood options, check out our hardwood page for more details.

When it comes to color... the sky is the limit. We will do any color that you need to fit your space... Any color...

Here's a page to show you some of the most popular stain colors... 

You're not even stuck with those options though, we have invented and done crazy things to find a custom color and we aren't scared to do it again!

And the good news is that you don't have to know what your color will be when you order... 

We have several orders ahead of you and we build in the order that we receive them so you have some time....

So get your order in and then we can work together on figuring your color out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be reaching out to you to go over your order and to discuss colors with you. 

We can send a few pictures back and forth to try to match colors for you. 

Another thing that we do, that really helps to take the guess work out of picking a color, is to send you a few samples on the same exact material that your table will be built from.

This way, you'll be able to literally compare and contrast the colors in your home with the exact color that will be on your table. 

This keeps from having lighting and environment and other factors that can change the way a color looks in your house from misleading you through pictures.

 We are roughly 8-10 weeks out from the time that you place your order until we are heading your way with it.

Don't forget seating! Once you've designed your table, let's make it possible for friends and family to gather around it with you! Head over here to find chairs and benches!

If you complete your order online, just simply leave us any details, colors, requests, etc in the message box at check out. 

When ordering online, you have to pay in full. Sorry :( that's Shopiy's rule)

If you prefer to pay only half when your order and the rest when we get yours home to you, simply reach out to us here on the contact us page and we can get that set up for you. 

Everyone qualifies to do that and we don't mind it at all...

As always, we hand deliver to you, no matter where you live for only $199. 

We want to be sure that your investment gets to you safely and in perfect condition and we don't want to have you assembling a thing!

We look forward to working with you on this and meeting you on delivery! 

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