Welcome to PerryLoop! If you're the kind of person that believes that quality matters... if you don't like settling for whatever you can find, if you've ever taken the time to think about how your environment makes you feel... then you've came to the right place. You can order it as you see it in the pictures or we will customize your furniture for you down to the finest detail. Maybe you know exactly what you want but if not, we will help you every step of the way from what design works best for your space to color samples. We know how to make the process simple for you. Don't worry about shipping companies, we are going to hand deliver it to you... Yes hand deliver it, no matter where you live. And no, it's not expensive. We deliver coast to coast and chances are, we are on our way to your neighborhood... That means no frustrating assembly and no worrying about what shape it will be in when you receive it. Would you like to only pay half today with the rest not due until we bring it to you? Great! Contact Us and we will show you how. We look forward to working with you and meeting you on delivery. Thank you for choosing PerryLoop :)

The Liberty Bench


Regular price $350.00
The Liberty Bench
The Liberty Bench

The perfect match for your Liberty table!

When choosing your bench, just simply choose the size of table that you are matching it with and then choose if you want it to slide under the table or if you want it to run the full length of the table. 

It takes us the same amount of material either way so we will let you choose how you want it to fit and then we will finish it to look perfect with whichever table you choose. 

We will color your bench to match your table. 

If you have a different idea, it would be awesome to customize yours for you. 

Contact us and let's design something beautiful!

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