The Sergeant Silva


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The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva
The Sergeant Silva

Pay only 50% up front, with the 2nd half not due until we bring you your furniture and you decide you love it!

Reach out to us from our Contact Us page and we will get it set up for you! 

The name ispired by it's creator. My superior and best friend in my Army days, a true American hero, and co-owner of PerryLoop, freshly retired from serving our great country, Sergeant Rudy Silva. 

I'm super pumped to officially introduce this beautiful work of art. This is crafted by the hands of one of the most talented craftsmen that I know. His attention to detail on this dining set makes for one of the most detailed and beautiful creations to ever come out of PerryLoop. 

Here is a little about the process that went into this gorgeous dining room set. 

First the top... The top pictured is a 2" thick Ash top complete with caps on the ends. Processing this top requiree planing, sanding, biscuiting(not the good kind that you get to eat), gluing and then a lot of fine sanding in order to achieve an extra smooth, brilliant finish. 

The top was left it's natural color in order to showcase the natural beauty of the Ash. 

For the base, Rudy ripped all 4x4's down to an exact 3" square to give a uniform, crisp, clean and precise look. The base was also fine sanded so it would be extra smooth to the touch. 

The corbels that you see on the table base were each (all 12 of them) custom made. The process included creating a template, hand cutting and fine sanding each and every one. 24 countersunk holes were drilled for the buttons on each corbel. 24 back pieces were also made to attach behind each corbel to create the layered look that you see. 

Two coats of paint went on this base and then all of the edges were hand sanded to give the distressed look. Just the right amount of the natural color comes through, leaving a great contrast and a beautifully distressed look.

The benches were designed and built in much of the same manner, only with twice as many corbels, backpieces and buttons, all intricately made by hand...

This original version of the Sergeant Silva measures 8' long x 4' wide and lives in Rudy's home and was a gift for his beautiful wife Shawn. 

This table will start at $975 with an 1 1/2" Pine Top, plus seating. We can build yours any shape, size and color that you would like, out of any material that you would like. 

If you would like Rudy and his team to build one of these for you, reach out to us on the contact us page and we will design yours to be a perfect fit for your home. 

Or if you want this exact set up, chairs and all of the added features, order it now to make it yours!

Buy this exact set as you see it and save $650!

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